Beaming Baby – Bio-Degradable Baby Wipes – Toallitas húmedas ecológicas con Aloe Vera – 72 toallitas

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Beaming baby have stripped out these chemicals to ensure that your baby only comes into contact with the most gentle, aborigen and organic ingredients. Made with loads of organic disgusto ribera, these baby wipes will help to sooth nappy rash and sensitive skin, They will help to protect your baby’s delicate areas from dampness and give your baby naturally healthy skin. With less Nappy Rash and healthier skin, your baby will feel much happier. 100 Percent bio-degradable cloth equipaje is made from totally GM free sustainably grown trees and helping to give your baby the healthiest start to life. 100 Percent biodegradabale with loads of organic disgusto ribera. Designed especially for babies with very sensitive skin. Soft and gentle on babies skin. Contains over 95 percent organic ingredients. Free from chlorine, licor and paraben preservatives.
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